Sunday, 3 February 2013

Miss Plus Size International - OOTD

Last week I was invited to an interview for the Miss Plus Size International competition (formally Miss BBW International)!

"Miss Plus Size International is a competition where plus size women and their admirers can come together to celebrate the beauty of size in a non judgmental environment and show that some of us do actually appreciate our curves! Most importantly, we show that we are comfortable in our own skin and not intimidated by the continuous pressure from the media to fit into a certain size label to be deemed acceptable in society. We proudly recognise that a great many plus size women do hold down high powered jobs and lead perfectly normal and happy lives. Not everyone wants to be a size zero and we are here to prove that there is life after a size 18!"

I actually found out what I was invited to the interviews the Monday before the interviews which took place on Saturday 26th January so I didn't have much time to plan an outfit! 

Luckily I had brought this gorgeous checker board print skirt form asos that I was itching to wear, and teamed it with my trusty peplum dress also from asos curve.

Skirt: asos Peplum dress: asos Wedges: you guessed it, asos!

It was a really fun day, I met some lovely ladies from all over the UK and it was great to see so many positive, confident women.

Until next time!

C xx

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